From Zero to Product

Building your start-up

We bake the bread for your Machine Learning sandwich

Getting your AI start-up or data science team off the ground and producing real value is challenging. Your team rightly wants to focus on developing predictive models, but managing ML infrastructure for training and serving models, and building front-end applications, are seen as a distraction.

A typical early-stage start-up spends 20% of its resources just managing ML infrastructure and building front-ends: tasks which are not unique to any start-up. Do you want to reinvent the wheel, or rather invest those resources into building machine learning models that change the world?

Free up your resources with our Zero to Product solution!

ML Infrastructure

Seen as a distraction by most data scientists, yet they will typically spend up to 40% of their time configuring and managing machine learning infrastructure for training and serving models.

With our ready-to-roll ML infrastructure utilising fully open-source software components, and bringing reproducible ML best practices to your team, you can save valuable developer time and let your team focus on what they do best: training great predictive models that solve real-world problems.

Machine Learning

Your team's primary focus, and should be kept in-house. We do not recommend outsourcing development of your core IP. The machine learning solutions your team is developing are your secret sauce, your sandwich filling, and what your investors are really interested in!

But we can of course help with consulting and advising, based on our many years of experience in solving problems with machine learning.

Front-end Application

Delivering the output of your machine learning models to the end-user through developing a web front-end is one of the most dreaded development tasks for a tech team, which typically has a primarily back-end focus.

With our high-quality offshoring solution that integrates perfectly with your ML Infrastructure setup, at a price point pleasing to your investors, you can get back to focusing on what your team does best and leave the front-end development to us.

Building your machine learning infrastructure

So many solutions on the market for setting up your machine learning infrastructure: autoML, notebook-based, in-cloud, version control integration, bare-metal... where to start?

Based on our years of experience as a data scientist and MLOps engineer building and deploying infrastructure for new teams in telecoms, insurance, and tech start-ups, let us help you make sense of what's out there,.

With features including:

  • experiment tracking - single touch point for all experimental results

  • integrated data and code versioning - never again "lose" a good model through inability to reproduce results

  • parallelised in-cloud model training - no more training models one-at-a-time on laptops

  • model deployment and serving - moving models smoothly from the lab to production

  • CI/CD hooks - trigger model training and deployment automatically after committing code

  • effective security policies - out-of-the-box protection for sensitive data and code

  • easy to learn, no vendor lock-in - your infrastructure grows with your team's needs and capabilities

we will customise and implement the most productive platform for your team to do reproducible, high-quality machine learning development and fast, seamless deployment.

Building exceptional start-up teams

Assembling a great technical team for your start-up is a challenging and time-consuming job. Keeping that team together through ups and downs is even more challenging, but it is critical to your young company's success.

I don't just help you source, evaluate and hire the best technical candidates for your team; I also consider the human side of every hiring decision, and help you build teams which perform greater than the sum of their parts.

And I remain engaged as an independent trouble-shooter when the going gets tough. I already know your team, and I bring my unique combination of technical knowledge and personal empathy to resolve problems at the root before they spread into crises. If key people from your team resign, I can bring my network of highly-qualified machine learning and AI experts in-house to bridge the gap and get that product launched.

Interested to see what I can do to get your start-up off the ground? Contact me on or book a call with the button below.