Dr. Mark Rowan founded Rowan Cognitive in 2020 with the mission to bring solutions to the Swiss and international data science market; in particular to support AI start-ups and enterprise data science teams at the beginnings of their journeys with expert technical advice, hiring the right people, and building the best foundations to deliver impactful solutions.

Dr. Mark Rowan

With over 10 years active in the field of data science and AI, Mark Rowan brings know-how, deep and broad technical expertise, and a strong network of partnerships within the Swiss data science community. He is a people-focused techie who knows that there is so much more to success in tech than sitting in front of a computer screen.

His experience covers industries including aerospace, telecoms, insurance, and AI start-ups in transport, speech and medical tech. He trained in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, and also worked as a scientific researcher after obtaining his PhD in Computational Neuroscience on Alzheimer's disease modelling.

He has built data science teams and launched products in start-ups and enterprise, and has a keen understanding of the technical and resourcing challenges of getting from zero to product.

Joan Cortes (M.Sc.)

Joan focuses on helping companies apply their machine learning models to make better real-world decisions. He is a cross-functional Data Scientist and Economist with applied experience in both research and industry. Prior to joining Rowan Cognitive, he has created several high-value analytical and data products.

He holds a Master’s degree in Big Data Analytics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.